Single Axle Converter Dolly Specifications

New Trailer Made By Strick in USA.





Fifth Wheel Height 47-1/2″
Fifth Wheel Model Fontaine
Fifth Wheel Location 1″ ahead of axle
Drawbar Eye 2-3/8″
Drawbar Height 34″
Drawbar eye to 5th wheel 74″ center to center
Tire Size 295/75R 22.5
Drawbar support Stiff leg at front
Chassis A Frame Formed channel
Counter balance At rear
Rear support Stiff leg at rear
Suspension Hutch single axle
Springs 2-leaf
Axle 1/2″ wall
Brakes 16.5 x 7 “Q” type
Brake lining MA-212
Slack Adjuster Auto
Brake Chambers 30/30
Disc wheels 22.5 x 8.25
Brakes ABS 2S/1M
Jumper Harness (2) Coiled type
Electrical (2) 7-way split pin
Lights Incandescent
Safety Chain .75″ Certified for triples